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5 reasons to settle in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the south of France and is above all a place to live. Moving there for the long term allows you to enjoy the multiple pleasures that stretch between the coast and the hinterland, in an extraordinary living environment.

The idyllic setting

The French Riviera is renowned for its exceptional setting and this prestige is not lacking in Saint-Tropez. Overall, the city is a mosaic of vineyards and perched villages, criss-crossed by paths that often lead to the shores of the Mediterranean.

The old town takes you to an authentic Provence with its colourful markets that put local products at the forefront of the scene. Fish and wine are as much present as olives and their derivatives, taking you into a pleasant whirlwind of delightful scents. The Place des Lices market is a must for your Tuesday and Saturday shopping.

Saint-Tropez is also a cultural and historical high place, promising you endless discoveries all year round. The Citadel of Saint-Tropez overlooking the bay is a remarkable defence monument erected in the early 1600s. Nestled in the dungeon of the citadel, the modern and living museum of maritime history tells the story of the Tropezian epic between the Far East, Black Africa and the whole world. The Musée de l’Annonciade offers a surprising collection of sculptures and paintings created between 1890 and 1950. Other remarkable places offer you a fascinating and enriching experience every time.

Saint Trop is also a seaside resort that is sure to appeal to shopping enthusiasts. Anonymous creators and international brands mix together in the most beautiful harmony. Stock up on Tropezian sandals, typical Provencal boutis, perfumes, masterpieces… quality is certainly there.

Provence obliges, the commune abounds in top-of-the-range tables which make the pleasure of the gourmets. Creativity in the mixtures, authenticity in the flavours and refinement in the dressing are the key words of the local cuisine.

In all respects, Saint-Tropez is a dream destination for becoming a property owner.

The famous beaches of Saint-Tropez

By buying a house in St-Tropez, you ensure that you can enjoy the pleasures of the sea whenever you want. This includes healthy walks at dawn, water sports that guarantee you a busy day, gourmet breaks in beach restaurants and more.

The sandy beach of Bouillabaisse is at the entrance to the town. The place is perfect for contemplating the boats leaving the port or returning from their sea trips. You also have a breathtaking view of the gulf.

The Ponche district has two beaches: La Fontanette and La Ponche. The setting is picturesque. Note that these gravel and sand beaches are only accessible on foot. You can reach them from the Citadel or from the port.

The Graniers beach seduces by its authentic charm, shaped by a mixture of sand and rocks, shaded here and there by wild vegetation. The crystalline water delights bathers, who can then take advantage of the surrounding calm to picnic or simply enjoy the fine weather just a few steps from the town centre.

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Just 4 km from the centre of Saint-Tropez you can reach the plage de Canebiers sometimes called plage des Canoubiers. The sand stretches for nearly 200 metres and umbrella pines provide natural shady spots. It is an excellent vantage point for observing the prestigious villas belonging to the stars who have chosen Saint-Tropez as their resort.

The beaches of Ramatuelle are just as popular as those of its neighbour Saint-Tropez. The two cities being separated by only ten kilometers, you will only have to choose the beach that best suits your desires of the moment. Pampelonne is particularly frequented by the jet-set during the summer season. The stars of the seventh art and businessmen in search of relaxation meet there, in an atmosphere where water activities mix with the tasting of Côte d’Azur gastronomy and champagne. A little further on, there is the beach of Tahiti, which pleases with its crystal-clear waters. Let’s not forget Escalet Beach and its rocky creeks where you will feel like you are on one end of the Caribbean.

Whether in Saint-Tropez or in a nearby town, the beaches invite you to a wide range of activities. Let yourself be tempted by jet-skiing, lazing in the shade of an umbrella or a tree, getting on a boat to explore the Côte d’Azur… one thing is sure, you will never have time to get bored. Even when it is grey, the panorama remains magnificent!

City of celebrities

Celebrities are captivated by the peninsula. Great names such as Paul Signac, Pablo Picasso, Charles Camoin and Henri Matisse decided to settle here and to be inspired by the setting to create exceptional works. Businessmen such as Bernard Arnault, Vincent Bolloré and Gérard Mulliez also succumbed to the charms of Tropezium.

These names may not mean much to you? In a more recent register, we can mention Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, David and Victoria Beckham or even Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. They own or have owned a pied-à-terre in Saint-Tropez.

All this to tell you that the city is prized by French and international stars who have seen its incomparable potential. You too can buy a luxury home in this corner of paradise and enjoy its attractions at your own pace.

The ideal geographical location

Situated on the Saint-Tropez peninsula, the town of the same name borders only two towns: Gassin and Ramatuelle. The Mediterranean thus constitutes a natural border which allows multiple maritime connections with the communes of the French Riviera. All you have to do is board one of the many boats available in the port to reach Saint-Maxime, Roquebrunes-sur-Argens or Grimaud, these options are not limited.

The main roads such as the A8 and A57 also serve the town. This makes it easy to reach other French towns and cities and even to travel to other European countries by car or bus.

The presence of the Massif des Maures on the peninsula accentuates the attractions of the seaside town. Indeed, you have a natural environment suitable for hiking and family walks just a few steps away from your home.

Saint-Tropez is therefore a charming place that offers access to an abundance of nature, but remains close to the most dynamic cities of the French Riviera. To settle here is to choose to live in a haven of peace that offers access to all the modern comforts you need and allows you to enjoy a most exciting cultural life.

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The sumptuous villas

Saint-Tropez’s real estate stock is dominated by prestigious properties. The majority of buyers are indeed looking for a property of exceptional beauty to honour the reputation of the city.

New or old, the constructions compete with each other in terms of attractiveness. Some invite you to live close to museums, others will give you a taste of the pleasure of seeing the Mediterranean from many rooms. Not forgetting the waterfront properties and the properties perched high up.

The houses awaiting buyers benefit from a privileged situation. At the same time, they are equipped with ideal configurations to revel in everyday comfort. The plots often extend over thousands of square metres and it is common to find an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, a landscaped garden, a cellar, a workshop, or even all of these at the same time. You also have access to a selection that does not tolerate any compromise on the finishes, at least if you choose to have a renowned real estate agency assist you with your project.

Here, it is possible to opt for houses in the process of completion. This option generally allows you to choose the finishes that best suit you and thus acquire a high-end villa that suits your personality, lifestyle and budget. It is strongly advised to call upon a professional for this type of purchase. You will be directed towards the programs that meet your search criteria.

Luxury is at your fingertips and you don’t need to be a Hollywood star or an oil tycoon to become a homeowner in Saint-Tropez. All you need to do is seek the expertise of local real estate professionals such as to access the many advantages of living on this French Riviera peninsula.