Rent a yacht in Saint-Tropez

Boat trips offer the best opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean and appreciate the charms of the French Riviera from a different angle. You have the possibility to rent a yacht in Saint Tropez. With the vast choice available, it is important to identify the type of boat you really need.

Saint-Tropez: the Mecca of Mediterranean yachting

Like the French Riviera, the peninsula has a prestigious identity that attracts yachtsmen from all over the world. The port of Tropez has a remarkable capacity of 800 places. But this has not always been the case. In the past, Saint Trop’ was a fishing village. Its ochre-colored facades, its idyllic location on the Mediterranean and the authenticity of its atmosphere have won over its visitors. The modest village quickly gained an excellent reputation among the international jet set. Gradually, more and more luxurious yachts came to mingle with the fishermen’s boats, some of them restored. At first, to make a stopover and then more to take full advantage of Saint Tropez.

If yachting is so successful, it is also because the peninsula has different facets that are discovered tirelessly throughout the seasons. Between September and June, the streets are quiet, almost deserted. The quays are peaceful even if the boats come and go regularly between land and sea. From the beginning of the summer, the atmosphere becomes hectic. The Mediterranean city vibrates to the rhythm of a joyful hubbub. Anonymous people and celebrities rub shoulders in perfect harmony, driven by the same desire: to indulge in the pleasure of yachting, which provides a pleasant feeling of freedom.

saint tropez harbour

Choosing a boat according to its use

It’s important to be methodical when considering chartering a yacht. The boats available have different characteristics that define their suitability for certain needs, more than others. So it makes sense to base your search for the right boat on the boat’s use.

Renting a yacht for a day with friends

A small boat or motoryacht of about 9 to 16 meters would be perfect for a few hours to a full day getaway. You will not lack any comfort when you let yourself be rocked by the sea. However, the number of people on board will be a determining factor, as space is of the essence.

Rent a yacht for a weekend getaway on the French Riviera

You will spend at least one night at sea and your days will be divided between the interior and deck areas. To ensure your comfort and that of your guests, consider choosing a larger boat that offers more space. You will need a minimum of 2 cabins, unless you are planning a romantic getaway. The ideal length of a yacht for a weekend at sea is between 16 meters and 23 meters.

cruise yacht

Renting a yacht for a family cruise

A family cruise implies a need for more space so that everyone can enjoy a quiet corner while still being able to savor the conviviality of the experience. You’ll need a cabin with a double bed for the parents and one with at least two separate single beds. Choose yachts that are longer than 30 meters.

Renting a yacht at the dock to party

Renting a boat on the French Riviera is not necessarily motivated by a desire to cruise. You could simply take advantage of the prestigious setting offered by yachts to organize a memorable event: birthday, bachelor party, wedding… In this case, it is not so much the size of the boat that counts but its capacity.

Choosing a yacht charter with or without skipper

Renting a yacht with a skipper offers you the possibility to enjoy your sea trip without worrying about anything else but your pleasure.

On the other hand, the option without skipper is more recommended if you dream of privacy and independence. In this second step, you must have a boating license and generally speaking, you should not take more than seven people with you.

Choose your yacht according to your budget and the service you expect

Small boats have the advantage of using less fuel than motoryachts. This automatically has an impact on the rental rates which are much more economical. You will be able to sail on the Mediterranean without excessive expenses but without lack of comfort.

Motoryachts or motor yachts are faster than small boats. The comfort on board is also more elaborate, which will allow you to live an exciting experience, tinged with a touch of luxury.

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Superyachts offer the most sophisticated amenities. If you want to cruise the French Riviera in a floating palace, this is the range to choose. On some superyachts, the deck is equipped with a swimming pool and/or a jacuzzi.

Since yachting is more than just a ride on the water, you can tailor your booking to your budget and needs by selecting optional equipment. This includes jet skis, paddleboards, seabobs, fishing gear and much more.

Ask a yacht charter company in Saint-Tropez for advice

The charter companies based on the French Riviera, and in particular in Saint Tropez, will be able to give you the right advice. Explain to them what you are looking for: the type of experience you are dreaming of, the number of people who will be on board, the activities you plan to practice… Your needs will be analyzed and synthesized efficiently by specialists, passionate about yachting. You can therefore be sure to find the perfect yacht thanks to the expert advice you will receive.

Now that you know how to choose the ideal boat, all you have to do is book it, whether you want to sail off the coast of Saint-Tropez or just live unforgettable moments on the quay.