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Buying a property at the Cap d’Antibes

You are looking for a premium property in the south of France? Have you ever considered the Cap d’Antibes? It owns many assets. Let’s see the advantages this little corner of paradise from the PACA area which will seduce you for sure.

The peninsula of Cap d’Antibes

With no doubt one of the most beautiful place of the area, this peninsula will enchant you with its natural and architectural beauties, its pleasant climate all year round, its proximity with many major tourism spots.

The population

It is a hideaway for stars and royal heads for many years now, thanks to its proximity with Cannes. The population living fees are enough high. The territory is very secure and well frequented. The schools have very good overall results, and there are many luxury shops in the area, as well as all the amenities needed for everyday life. Everything you need to feel comfortable in your new home!

What is to see or do in Cap d’Antibes?

This is a pleasant place in every aspect. You will find a path along the coastline, which is ideal for beautiful walks. With some tricky stretches, it will be a delight if you are a keen walker. If you like the sea, you can enjoy it every day, thanks to beautiful sandy beaches, and don’t forget to visit the Garoupe lighthouse, whose 29-metre height will not fail to impress you.

It will also allow you to enjoy a unique view of the bay of Juan-les-Pins. If the weather is good, you can also admire the mountains above Nice. In terms of architecture, the Château de la Croë, listed as a historical monument, is worth a visit, as are the many luxurious villas along the coast. In the surroundings, you will also find many ideas for walks or visits, such as the Marineland water park in Antibes.

A little further away, at certain times of the year and depending on your interests, you can enjoy the Cannes festival, the perfume festival in Grasse, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco…

The real estate field in Cap d’Antibes

The PACA area is one the most wanted area in France and the Cap d’Antibes is the highest one. Premium clients, most of the time from abroad, pick their choices among luxurious and rare houses and apartments in the market. The square meter price is then pretty high, above the average of this area.

The market is intense et you need attentive every time a property will be free. Do no wait to make an offer because another person will then buy the cherished house you wanted… It is always possible to negociate a little bit the price on the most expensive and the most spacious properties but there is not much room for flexibility.

How to buy an estate in Cap d’Antibes?

If you made your decision, you have now to make it real. Here is a list of steps to follow to realise at the best your property purchase in Cap d’Antibes. This xill help you in your project, especially if it your first purchase.

Define your budget

Have a really precise idea of your budget is crucial to know what you can afford, in terms of surface, et avoid visiting houses that will not be accessible financially, which is never good for your moral…

Do not hesitate to make an appointment with your banker to tail the financial aspects of your project. He will help define a first-level budget, and a special budget in case of a crush, if you are lucky to find the property of your dreams, the absolute perfection, which is worth spending your money.

Despite the amount of money to buy the house, your banker helps finalise other points of the financial part. He will advice you on placements to end to ensure your project, which placements to keep, the possible operation of a bridging loan…

Making a list of your criteria

Visiting real estate properties is very expensive in time matter, and you wouldn’t want to waste yours. It is why you should put together a list of what you absolutely want (number of bedrooms, of bathrooms, rooms available on the same level, the exterior surface, elevator if it is an apartment, open or closed kitchen…).

You can also make an inventory of the little extras you would like to enjoy that won’t stop you from buying the property if they are not available but that would make you want to buy the house even more (spacious garage, more bedrooms, view, swimming pool…). Up to you to think, especially based on your current property: what you wouldn’t pass on to have a beautiful view every morning? And what you are currently missing?

And do not forget that a family grows, think about what your needs will be in the future. Time goes on faster than we think! Everything that is prohibitive for you has also to be listed to help your future real estate agent in his research (facing view, no exterior…).

Call on an estate agency specialised in luxury

For your project, a real estate agency specialised in the luxury field will be more adapted. Be careful to choose it well. You have to have a good feeling with the person you are talking to, you will have to spend a lot of time with her.

This person will preselect for you a list of properties to visit, will go with you at every visit, but it is not all. She will be by your sides at the early stages of your estate project to the signature at the notary, which is always after a few months of searches. Calling on a luxury real estate agency such as John-Taylor, you will put aside all the administrative worries inherent in the purchase to focus only on your purchase of your Cap d’Antibes property.

The real estate agent in charge of your project will manage the constitution of the file, will make sure to obtain the various documents to be provided, the obligatory diagnoses of the property put up for sale, everything that must be given to the notary for the signature of the preliminary sale agreement, and then the final sale… This will take a lot of work off your plate!

Make sure you choose an agency that is competent and experienced in its field, specialised in high-end properties, and above all reactive, as the market moves very quickly in this sector. It is important that the agents have several years of experience in the region, and that they contact you as soon as a property comes on the market. This will give you a better chance of seeing your property project come to fruition quickly.

Start visiting

Once you have established your compulsory and optional criteria (as well as all the prohibitive elements!), and once you have made your commitment to the agency of your choice, you can finally begin the visits. Don’t forget to take with you a list of points to check, so that you don’t forget anything. It is better not to waste your time on counter-visits to properties that will not be suitable for you anyway. That said, if you have missed something, your estate agent will probably be able to help you.


Pay attention to the general condition of the property, particularly the roof, the front door and windows, and the sanitary facilities. This type of work can quickly add up! It’s OK if you don’t mind a few refurbishments, or even a total renovation, but you should obviously take this into account in your overall budget. Check which of the criteria on your list are ticked off by the property you are visiting, and think about whether it would be possible to remedy the missing aspects, for example an open-plan kitchen, a swimming pool…

Here again, your agent will be able to answer all your questions about the future development of the property. Also remember to ask the few questions that are often forgotten during visits (monthly charges for a flat, type of heating and age of the installation, orientation of the property, etc.). Finally, don’t hesitate to ask your agent to take a quick look around the neighbourhood, to check that all the amenities you need are within walking distance of the property.

You don’t live in your house full-time, especially in the south! Make sure you also pay special attention to the exterior of the property: is it big enough? Will they be suitable for your use? Can you park a car there? Are they well exposed? Will they be complicated to maintain? It is not the same, in terms of time and money, to maintain a Japanese garden as a forest estate! Prepare a list of all these crucial questions in advance, so that you can easily note each point during the visit.

Don’t hesitate to take photos for future reference. By following a precise plan at each visit, you will also find it easier to make comparisons between the different properties, either at home or at the agency.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a property in the PACA region, and if the Cap d’Antibes appeals to you and seems to suit your needs, do not hesitate any longer! Contact an agency specialising in the luxury sector, which will be able to guide you in your real estate project.

From your first decisions on the list of criteria to be retained to the signature at the notary’s office, it will be a beautiful adventure which will conclude, we hope, by a perfect end in your new home corresponding in all points to your expectations… or which will correspond after some adjustments!