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How to find a good luxury real estate agency ?

The basic rules are quite similar to those that apply when looking for a classic agency. The difference is that a luxury real estate agency should focus exclusively on top-of-the-range properties. Prestige can be reflected in the architectural style, the choice of neighbourhoods but also in the layout, the materials used…. To help you, here are the criteria that determine the reliability of such an agency.

Search on the internet

Make sure you specify that you are looking for a luxury real estate agency. The results displayed will be filtered accordingly.

You can also specify the geographical area according to the sector where you wish to buy, sell or rent a prestigious property. Some agencies cover an entire department, others focus on specific cities. So don’t hesitate to consult the different sites to get an idea of the type of property and the services that are available to you.

Look at the customer reviews

Customers tend to give their opinions and this is excellent because you can easily get feedback.

You can directly consult the opinions on the agencies’ sites or search for opinions published on forums, social networks, as comments in blogs…. Note all the positive opinions and pay attention to the negative ones as well. The better the comments are argued, the better. Mere star ratings do not allow you to understand the strengths and possible shortcomings of the agencies you are interested in.

Pay attention to the e-reputation

Digital reputation is not limited to customer opinions. There is also the information provided by professionals, rumours… so many elements that forge the image of the luxury real estate agency. The more positive what is written about the agency, the better its e-reputation.

Make your network work

Discuss with your acquaintances. Tell them your search criteria in relation to the type of property and the level of support. Collaborators, business partners, family, friends, all sources of information are good to take. You have the advantage of being able to ask questions without appearing indiscreet and to obtain perfectly argued answers. If several acquaintances refer you to the same luxury real estate agency, you already have a lead.

Word of mouth

The search goes beyond your personal network. Friends of your family and friends may know of an agency specializing in prestige real estate? You won’t find out unless you use word of mouth. It is also possible to talk to complete strangers in a business located in your search area. Discussions over coffee could help you find what you are looking for.

Ask for a first appointment

Cross-check all the information collected on the internet but also through your network and word-of-mouth. You certainly have a good basis to start selecting real estate agencies. It’s time to take the next step, which is a physical meeting.

Contact details are usually mentioned on the website. Simply call or leave a message via the contact form to make an appointment. This is very important because it will allow you to form your own opinion about each luxury estate agency you contact.

Trust your instincts

The current is flowing? That’s a good sign. Conversely, if you are not comfortable after the first appointment, move on.

It is indeed essential that you feel confident with the person who will accompany you in this prestigious project. Your instincts will certainly lead you to want to continue the discussions or, on the contrary, to put an end to them. Be receptive to what you feel at the time.

Test several agencies if necessary…

Contact two or three agencies and explain your needs. Find out how you are taken care of, how your words are analysed and interpreted. Pay attention to responsiveness and the power of proposal.

Going through different agencies is a solution that gives you the opportunity to compare all the options available to you. In this sense, you should remain cautious and not conclude too quickly.

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…but don’t spread yourself too thin…

Comparison can be a trap because if there are too many proposals, you risk getting lost. That is the point of pre-selecting the agencies that are likely to satisfy you. After the first few meetings, analyse the results and get back in touch with the agency that has left the best impression on you.

Ask for a second appointment to go further in the realisation of your luxury real estate project.

During this second interview, provide more details and above all check whether the agency has already carried out research in accordance with your criteria. If there are no proposals, you should receive relevant advice. For example, your contact person will provide you with more details on market fluctuations in different neighbourhoods and cities. He or she can provide you with more information on the sectors to focus on if you are considering a rental investment.

A good luxury real estate agency will be able to give you a sympathetic ear. Agents are able to understand your expectations and submit suitable proposals by considering your criteria and not by forcing you to become a buyer or to sell at any price. Professionalism and reliability will therefore be factors of choice to be favoured. If you are looking for a luxury real estate agency on the French Riviera, the best address is Haussman-Real-Estate.