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Why buy an apartment by the sea ?

When purchasing a property, it isn’t only the design and appearance that counts. The geographic location is just as important, as it contributes to the sense of well-being you experience once you’ve moved in. There is a constantly increasing demand for seaside apartments. Find out the reasons for this rampant popularity right here.

The opportunity to enjoy wonderful views

Imagine waking up each morning to the majestic sight of the sea and watching that same sea appear to fuse with the star-filled sky each evening. Some seaside towns and cities also have mountain vistas or open out into forest landscapes. It’s thus the beauty of nature you see extending before your very eyes, there for you to contemplate at your leisure! Depending on the orientation of the doors and windows, etc., you might also be able to enjoy and admire all-encompassing panoramic views out over a large portion of the town or city.

Apartments located on the highest floors are particularly advantageous in this respect. The views basically get better the higher you are off the ground. This is due to the absence of (or at least a considerable reduction in) obstacles that interfere with the view.

Investing in an up-market apartment

The seaside is particularly popular with celebrities and high-flyers, etc. Actors, models, musicians… there are many who choose to live on the coast. This is because it’s an ideal setting in which to build luxury apartments or create them by converting existing properties. With financing solutions now much more widely available, these up-market properties are today within virtually everyone’s reach.

You do of course pay more for luxury. However, putting your money in bricks and mortar in the shape of an apartment by the sea is undeniably a sound investment. An ideally located apartment of this kind can easily be rented out. The revenue thus generated can be used to raise your living standards or saved to ensure a comfortable retirement. As a personal property asset, an apartment by the sea can also be passed on to your descendants. Added to all this are the profits to be made by selling should you decide you need a larger apartment or, conversely, a smaller one at any point.

To see the sun rising and setting over the sea

There are so many people willing to pay generously for a break by the sea, even if it’s only for a weekend. And it’s not just sea-based leisure activities and the fine weather they come for. The spectacle of the sun rising or setting on the horizon is also one of the main attractions offered by coastal destinations.

You become unaware of the passage of time when faced with this magnificence. It’s so soothing and relaxing that stress simply melts away. This peace and tranquillity also melds perfectly with the beauty of the phenomenon. The landscape changes colour and the light gives way to darkness, or vice versa.

And you can admire this incredibly romantic scene without even leaving your apartment. Settle down comfortably by the window or out on the balcony and enjoy the view with a nice glass (or cup) in your hand. If you live alone, this exceptional panorama will enable you de-stress and unwind at the end of a hectic day. As a couple, you’ll have the chance to share idyllic moments together at home, against the backdrop of a magnificent sky. If you have children, you’ll be able to share magical times together as a family.

To enjoy the invigorating seaside air

Sea air is highly appreciated for its purity. It contains more iodine and negative ions than the air in towns and cities located far from the sea. Sea air also contains very little in the way of germs and bacteria, which makes it better for your health. Your respiratory apparatus is bound to be all the better for this!

Sea air is also very good for the skin. This is because it’s high in salt, which itself is rich in trace elements and mineral salts that promote cellular regeneration. It’s commonly believed that sea salt dries the skin. In reality, however, it’s actually prolonged exposure to the sun that causes this issue. So make sure you’re properly protected from UV radiation and you’ll notice your skin gets naturally cleansed each time it’s exposed to the sea air.

Above and beyond its beneficial effects on health and beauty, the air at the coast is also naturally invigorating. Open your window wide each morning and treat yourself to a breath of wonderfully fresh sea air. This will give you a boost for the rest of the day. Same when you get back exhausted in the evening. Take a deep breath and allow the magic to work its wonders.

Living in Nice: the chance to have sea views out over the Promenade des Anglais

Nice is one of the best known and best loved coastal resort cities, and there are numerous apartments available in and around the Bay of Angels. These offer breathtaking views of the famous avenue that is the Promenade des Anglais. Benefiting from an exceptional location, the zone is home to a large number of luxury hotels, such as the Le Negresco. It’s on this avenue too that you’ll find the prestigious Musée Masséna museum.

“La Prom” also plays host to various cultural events. One of these is the Nice Carnival, which takes place in February each year. It’s the world’s third largest carnival, with the first two places held by those of Rio and Venice. With a luxury apartment in Nice, such as the ones for sale on the official Haussmann website, you’ll be able to join the crowds or watch and enjoy the festivities from your own place.

As well as the views, you’ll also have the option of going for a walk, run or cycle ride along the: a great way to keep yourself healthy and in shape. Add to this the sea air we mentioned earlier, and you can see just how pleasant and agreeable it can be living right by the Mediterranean.

Buy an apartment by the sea and it’s like spending the whole year on holiday! You get to enjoy the wonderful views, a top class living environment, fresh air and plenty more — the list is a long one. There’s no shortage of exceptional properties available, though each does have its own distinctive character. It’s this very difference and variety that will help you find just the seaside apartment you’re looking for.