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Why invest in a villa in Saint-Tropez ?

Investing in real estate is obviously a process that takes time and for which it is necessary to be accompanied by a real estate agency specialized in this process. This is even more true when you want to invest in luxury real estate in order to put all the chances on your side to have an interesting profitability. And for this, St Tropez is still and always a first choice destination.

The setting is heavenly

The setting of St Tropez is heavenly and synonymous with exceptional holidays. It is obvious to say it, but it is nevertheless good to remember it. When you want to rent a villa for a few weeks or a few months, what are you looking for? Something more extraordinary than one’s own home, an exceptional environmental setting? Can one be satisfied with commonplace, and even more so when one can afford to think about renting in or around Saint-Tropez with a view of the sea? Then you have to tell yourself that if you want to invest in rental property, the environment will have an important part to play in the success and charm of your villa.

Therefore, choosing St Tropez can only be a choice to be congratulated. The beaches are sandy and sunny. You can choose to go where everyone goes, just to be seen. But lovers of the city and its surroundings know that there are many small, rather isolated beaches that are magnificent and one can find the calm needed in a region that is nevertheless very touristy.

If it is, it is for St Trop’ of course, but also for the rest of the French Riviera. Sainte-Maxime, Fréjus, Cannes, Nice, further away Monaco, all this is also the heavenly setting for a stay in the South of France. Sea or mountain, town or country, in high season or out of season, the region is always magnificent.

The region is dynamic

Wherever you come from in France, Europe or even the rest of the world, you are looking to settle in a dynamic region. A job market that offers opportunities, a population that has the resources to purchase goods and services, and a large number of companies – these are markets that make a regional economy a real driving force.

And this is what we find throughout this region of France. The French Riviera is dynamic thanks to a combination of many factors. The cities of the south attract many people, personalities, international politicians and entrepreneurs. It’s a whole trickle of wealth that benefits an entire region.

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Its connection with the communication routes also makes Saint-Tropez and the surrounding area an ideal location to take advantage of the dynamism that is typical of the south of France. The motorway, the TGV to Toulon, the airport of Marseille or Nice to put Europe at your feet, these are all assets that reinforce the economic interest of a region like St Tropez. This is exactly what a person who wants to make a rental investment should look at as a criterion. The more economically profitable the region will be, the more you will make sure you have a clientele that will be able to afford to rent your villa.

The dynamism of the region can also be interpreted on a cultural level. All over the French Riviera there are many museums, numerous art galleries, a large number of exhibitions. Even if they don’t have the media coverage of the national and international exhibits present in Paris, they are still of the same quality. And the South of France is a real artistic breeding ground. It is also part of the dynamism of a region, especially since it is carried by a relatively well-off population for whom the art market is a fact to be taken into consideration.

Luxury tourism is highly developed

One cannot dissociate St Tropez, and the whole French Riviera, from luxury tourism. The two are intrinsically linked. That is to say that the presence of a very wealthy, international clientele allows the major brands to set up their luxury boutiques in cities such as St Tropez, Cannes or Monaco. At the same time, the presence of these luxury shops makes it easier to attract a clientele inclined to spend in this style of shops. But we don’t live only on luxury and haute couture perfumes.

Luxury tourism is also the provision of a rich catalogue of luxury villas, particularly well equipped and enjoying an exceptional setting. Luxury tourism is a whole world of services, where you will need great restaurants, top-notch chefs at home, craftsmen hand-picked for their skills. The upscale clients who prefer the French Riviera to any other destination on earth generate with it an equally premium set of services.

And when you decide to invest in Saint-Tropez, you enter exactly into this circle. You can’t buy in a city like St Tropez and limit yourself to a two-room apartment, it would make little sense. St Tropez offers opportunities almost unique in France, you should not miss it.

The rental real estate market is very profitable

In St Tropez and the surrounding area, the property market is particularly profitable. It is important to understand that this is a region under pressure in terms of real estate, especially exceptional properties, villas and anything that can allow you to invest in beautiful stonework. This market is tense because there is not an unlimited quantity of properties and there are many more people interested than there are possibilities. And this is where it is very interesting for a person who wants to rent properties.

Indeed, since we fight, figuratively speaking, for the best proposals, you can afford to play on the price of a rental, short or long term. And you will play in your favour since you know that whatever happens, you will rent your property without any difficulty. For you, the real estate market is very interesting because it can turn into a real success story. If you can afford to pull prices up rather than down when renting in St Tropez, it is also because premium villas of this style require a lot of services that are also of high quality.

For example, one cannot imagine a villa without the cleaning service that goes with it, without the gardener who comes to maintain and so on. And it is on these services, which are almost indispensable, that you will be able to make a little more margin and thus make money with your new rental investment.

The added value is guaranteed

An investment in the coastline, usually for seasonal rentals, must be well managed. Even though St Tropez is a world famous city, tourists do not come here during the 12 months of the year. In the case of a rental bought mainly for the summer, it is therefore necessary to make the right choice. You have all the chances to realize an interesting added value, the season is long on the French Riviera. But it is on the condition that you get help from a real estate agency such as John-Taylor whose speciality is luxury houses or high-end real estate.

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This market has its specificities, its codes and it is therefore advisable to call upon a seasoned professional if you do not master the real estate market yourself in the golf of St Trop’. It is thus, and especially not by launching you alone, that you will be able to make the good choice concerning the investment in a villa in order to realize a beautiful capital gain with your real estate purchase. At the rate of the services of the south of France, it is necessary that all the data are taken into account at the risk of not providing the desired increase in value.

St Tropez and its surroundings have been a dream for decades. Symbol of a carefree period of a certain golden youth and jet-set for years, the city has lost nothing of its splendour and still attracts stars, public and political personalities. But it also attracts a large number of tourists, especially wealthy ones, who come to discover a magnificent region and a harbour city with an inimitable style.

This is why, combined with the dynamism of the region, St Tropez is the ideal place if one wishes to invest in real estate, notably to make it a rental investment. Do not buy your property alone. If a real estate agency represents a cost, it is in fact also an investment, because only its advice, expertise, knowledge of the market and reactivity will enable you to make the right choices to make a capital gain with your investment and become a satisfied owner.