Monegasque artist

For lovers of offbeat and unique art, Marcelline Lapouffe is the perfect artist. If you don’t know her, here is some information about this unusual Monegasque artist.

The sculptures of Marcelline Lapouffe

Marcelline Lapouffe‘s great passion is… skeletons. These are diverted in her sculptures to lead people to reflect on various themes. Other objects, notably firearms, are also a recurring theme in the artist’s sculptures. Despite the often macabre side of the objects used as a basis for her creations, Marcelline Lapouffe insists on the definitely joyful atmosphere that emanates from her art.

This is a sculture from the monegasque artist Marcelline LaPouffe

The artist’s biography

Little is known about this mysterious young artist, except that she lives in Monaco, and that her fascination for skeletons dates back to her earliest childhood. As soon as we read her unforgettable pseudo, we understand that she is an artist who likes to challenge people and make them think about the essential things in life. Finally, there is no need to know more, the works speak for themselves and you can easily see it on her website .

In conclusion, if what you are looking for in a sculpture is originality, an obvious bias, and something unique that you can’t see elsewhere, Marcelline Lapouffe’s works are made for you, don’t hesitate to have a look at her creations!